Eriyadu Island Resort & Spa Maldives

The bounty of an abundant coral reef,laying beneath a gold tinted stretch of beach, Eriyadu is one of the few remaining islands that remains true to the Maldivian identity. Stripped of the trappings of urban living and opulence, it is an isle that is the epitome of nature. Untouched and unperturbed, Eriyadu is a sanctuary where you can unwind languidly as each day slumbers into dusk. Not unlike a heartening folklore or a fantasy-scape, Eriyadu exists, with its earthy-woody edifice, salty sea breezes & long night bonfires. The best thing is, it’s all real & it’s all here. On arrival you’ll be whisked away to the cozy, homely island touted as having one of the best house reefs in the island nation.

Recent Reviews

"Another memorable trip to Eriyadu"

Returned to Eriyadu in a period of less than 6 months! That's how wonderful this place is. The staff, the coral house reef, the variety of fishes and the overall feeling of being so welcomed and well treated! The coral reef was even better this time and i was so lucky to spot black tip sharks, eagle rays and sea turtles!
Trip Advisor
Moez, Dubai

"Quiet and beautiful island"

This hotel is a little piece of paradise! It has a calm and laid back atmosphere and time seems to move at a slower pace than the rest of the world - which is just what makes a holiday worthwhile! The views from every point on the island are simply splendid. You can literally point your camera any which way and be sure of lovely pictures. Most of the natural vegetation has been left untouched, which really impressed me, since that is the first thing I always look for when travelling:)
Trip Advisor
Aneeha, Spain

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Beautiful Maldives island resort located in north male' atoll.
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Island Located not too far, famous for its diving experience
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